Saturday, April 9, 2011

Second HELL!

What do I expect?
Having so many pretty pictures
Delivering so much mindset
Just break my existance, in my surroundings NOW even the college!
Step on a dry ground, just sharpen your foot..
Looking up people are insulted
Am merely alone looking for the kind-hearted fellow...
Can I be given a favour?
No. Surroundings is faking. Surroundings is betraying...

What can I expect then?
For years wading through the blue journey
Seeing the backstabbers are enjoying their fake world
Looking up the jetset people are complaining their fucking luxury
Looking down many poor spots are getting small

Why do I have to expect?
Each single day is blue
Each single week is sorrow
It is dried up, it is blown out
It's hell. It's hell!
God said that Hell is for bad ones in other world
But why do I live in hell in the world now?

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