Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tragedy of Macbeth: It was so classic and badly GREAT!

Actually, this is the first time I read English classic novel. Ya it was my assignment from one of my English literature lecturer, reading for pleasure. Why did I choose a classic one? Haha, it was just recommended by my senior of English literature and I was so curios to try. I love reading and crazy bout reading! But reading a classic one was an uncommon thing for me. Well, I finally have bought a classic novel (it costs only Rp30.000,00!!) tittled, "Macbeth".

I'm sure that some of you have known Macbeth because it was really famous drama by William Shakespeares. It was written about 1606. And it was so old, old and classic!! Can you imagine how difficult the novel is to read? An old British English! But it made me more curious (actually I regret if i don't read this novel because I have spent Rp30.000,00 for 128 pages of novel). Well, Macbeth is the most well-known and the shortest drama that William Shakespeares ever wrote.

Macbeth was a king's kinsman of Scotland Kingdom that was led by King Duncan I. One day, he and his friend, Banquo, met the three witches. They said that Macbeth would be a king of Scotland replacing King Duncan I and Banqou would be having kings for his descendence. When Macbeth went home and told this news to his wife, Lady Macbeth, he arranged immidiately a plan to kill King Duncan I who would visit and spent whole nite at Macbeth's house. The murerder had happen and noone knew unless his wife and Banquo. After he became a king, he was afraid that Banquo would tell a secret about that three withces and he commanded someone to kill Banquo too.

Besides, an other kinsman named Macduff wondered about Macbeth's behaviour that showed his guilty. Macduff joined with Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan's sons, who wondered Macbeth too.
Macbeth's gulity made himself to look for that witches, and then when they met, the witches said that Macbeth would live forever until Great Brinam Forest came to Dunsinane Hill. Besides, Macbeth wouldn't be killed by someone who was born from a woman. Thinking that it was impossible, Macbeth became more arrogant and satisfied with the answers. But Lady Macbeth finally couldn't survive anymore and turned to be crazy.

Macduff and Malcolm went to England and planned to replace Macbeth by killing him. They finally attacked Macbeth castle together with their followers while they were bringing the top of the trees fom Great Birnam. Macduff fighted Macbeth then but Macbeth was not afraid because he believed that he wouldn't be killed by someone who was born from a woman. But Macduff replied that he was not born from a woman (caessar proccess). Macduff finally cut Macbeth's head successfully and gave the King's crown to Malcolm.

Well, this novel teaches me about the ambition that is turned to be a bad thing. I can take a lesson from this novel, yaa as you know, sometimes being an ambitious one is a must! Without any ambitions, we have a weak motivation to do something that we want. But remember one thing! We have to know when we have to be an ambitious person. Because being an over ambitious one can be turned us become bad people because of considering all things are good to do.

Actually, a classic novel is really great to read! A kingdom, Mythe, and some old things are really interesting. Maybe all of you can try to read a classic one.
Aaaa yaa, if you are curious too and wanna try to read Macbeth novel, just contac me, I'll lend you ;)

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